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Facing up to Global warming and other threats

World Helm works to advance citizenship and engage people in informed debate on issues that threaten our survival. We promote sustainable paths to achieve economic prosperity for all and invite you to take part in the debates and the actions that evolved from them.

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A few years ago a small group of friends came across the global risks report produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. These annual reports are alarming, but we took early comfort believing that the WEF had everything under control. They were monitoring the risks and even had a program to build resilience. However, when we tried to contribute to the resilience program we found ourselves firmly locked out. The WEF appeared to have no open mechanism to scan developments in technology; engineering, medicine, or any other fields that might offer help in combating these risks.

The question arose from our group; “Who is at the helm?” this prompted the quick reply; “Has anybody found the helm?”

Further investigation indicated the conservative nature of the WEF and a membership of the rich and powerful. Indeed glancing back a few years to earlier risk reports, it was fairly obvious that they were managing the risks of the rich and powerful.


World Helm sprang out of this meeting of friends. We decided to set up a small website with a big mission. The things the rich think of as risks are threats to the rest of us and our website should help ward off these threats by welcoming everyone to participate in finding the best solutions. You will discover from this early concept, the idea has grown legs.

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Wrld Helm

Facing up to Global warming and other threats.

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