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Book by Richard Dietrich

The book introduces the “New Campaign Method” which promises to reinvigorate our democracy. It develops participatory ways of engaging directly with pressing policy issues, such as: the changing world of work; responding to the urgent challenges of climate change; preparing for the social transformations emerging as a result of AI; rethinking all the dimensions of human flourishing, health, and well-being in ways that are directly connected to enhancing the participation of citizens.
The book considers policy issues where a dynamic democracy can correct injustice, improve equity, and increase inclusion.
We see how improving our connectedness can work to overcome various forms of social isolation, detachment and disenfranchisement, and usher people into an integrated and participatory system.
The book presents a radical climate plan and throws down a challenge to civil society to use the tools of the New Campaign Method and the power of its membership to effect real change right now.

Richard Dietrich 

Richard Dietrich is a retired management consultant who specialised in leadership development, change, and organisational strategy. He draws on his wide experience in the private, public and third sector to write about the pressing issues of our time.

How to Make Democracy Work is his first book.

He grew up in colonial Kenya, before attending University in South Africa during the Apartheid period. He fled to the UK in 1977, settling in Scotland in 1984.

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