Posting June 13th 2019

Last night the British Prime Minister announced that the UK would make a legal commitment to go to Zero emission by 2050. The BBC newscaster misread the announcement to say that the UK would go to zero emission by the year 5050. One might say this is a slightly longer timeline.

The newscaster might well have got it right as going to Zero emissions by 2050 is about as good as achieving it by 5050, by either timeline the planet will have achieved climate chaos and become uninhabitable.

The major governments of the world are trying to transition gently to zero emissions with the minimum disruption to our economy and our way of life. It is useless to tinker at the edge of climate change and hope we will survive. We will not. We need radical change and radical change now.

The government have got their judgement wrong and the consequences will be terminal. We need to move to Zero emission by 2025. If that judgement is wrong the consequence is not terminal, we will have preserved a safer world early than needed.