Autonomous Vehicles – Pros and Cons 


Cash in your pocket for selling your car.

Saving on petrol or diesel.

The electricity will cost around 5% of the current petrol price.

No Road Tax

Faster commutes

Safer driving (human error causes 90% of accidences.)

Around 10 children are killed each year on our roads. A autonomous cars system could go a long way to eliminating these deaths.

Reduce the cost of traffic accidents

The cost of road accidences in Edinburgh each year runs into the millions. This could be slashed.

The luxury of being able to do something else while travelling other than driving.

It would end of getting lost and navigational blowups with your loved one.

No parking problems.

No parking charges or parking fines.

Ride sharing made easier to save money

No insurance to pay.

No Maintenance or repair bills

No AA membership

No car cleaning.

Cars that communicate with each other and integrate into mass public transport provide more effective transport and enable you to switch services.

Reduced traffic congestion

Phasing out of traffic lights

Driving licences would be a thing of the past.


Give up owning one’s own cars.

No status symbol in owning a prestige car

Developing the infrastructure of charging and storage points.

Not being able to get your hand on a car straight away.

Having my travel history stored by the service.